Baby Through Surrogacy for a Couple Were Craving for a Baby More Than 8 Years

Children is a blessing from God. My husband and myself were waiting for that blessing from longtime. We couldn’t answer the series of questions from our relatives and friends regarding the reason why we were not having a child. Then we were trying to adopt a child to fulfill our dream to complete our family. I have contacted several people in India and Australia for adopting a child. But there was no hope. They told that India is currently on hold and adoption from India is not possible for a couple of years due to large number of applications. However we came to know about surrogacy and a hope arose. Last year we heard about Gift IVF and contacted the director of Gift IVF Athani. We are very happy with our experience with Gift IVF from the beginning of our surrogacy. Finally our dream come true and I strongly recommend this facility to others. It is hard to find a good facility these days that keep all the standards including confidentiality. I am sure that you will enjoy your surrogacy experience here. Start building your family and enjoy every moment. Good luck everyone.”


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