Gerard Sansico From Australia

Dear Dr Mani,

I take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation, thanks and gratitude, for the genuine hospitality and service you have provided for my family.
You have given our family the most precious, priceless gift in the World a beautiful baby girl.
I was very impressed with your passion, expertise and out most professionalism in the manner you and your wife operate your clinic. At all times you have demonstrated to me, that you are not driven by money and greed, because you have a sincere passion, genuine empathy in helping prospective parents becoming parents.
My family experience with you and your clinic has been a very pleasant, memorable and pleasurable experience, which we will remember for the rest of our lives.
I was taken back on how you take extreme care of all your patients, as if they were your own family. Your staffs have been very generous, professional and very helpful at all times.
Many westerners are dubious in dealing with Indians society, because they are afraid of being swindled with their money, cheated and frustrated dealing with the complicated Bureaucracy governed by India. This definitely is not the case with you, because at all times you have demonstrated to me your professionalism, integrity, loyalty, honesty and sincere empathy in helping prospective parents, achieve the ultimate gift on earth, which is a child of course.
I am more than happy to discuss with your prospective parents, who are contemplating treatment at your clinic, the pleasant experience we had at your clinic. Also I am pleased to highly recommend your clinic to prospective patients and I am hoping that the many other IVF clinics throughout India, will emulate your protocols, high morales and principles and sound transparent business practices, in operating their clinics the way you operate your clinic.
Once again, my whole family thank you and lovely wife Anita, down the bottom of our hearts, for taking good care of us while in India and giving us a beautiful gift of life.


Gerard Sansico
From Victoria – Australia