Testimonial From Liz and David Johnson

Through the GIFT-Gyno clinic my husband and I have realized our dream of having a child — three times over.  On August 26, 2015, at the age of  46, I gave birth to three healthy and beautiful babies, after undergoing ivf treatment at this first-rate clinic.  Our new, happy family could not have been established without the expertise and dedication of the GIFT-Gyno doctors and staff.  Dr. Anita and Dr. Mani walked us through the process step-by-step, and reassured us that they would help us meet our goals throughout.  I became pregnant with triplets on our very first attempt.  The GIFT-Gyno staff provided for a simple and easy process, and ensured that we understood each and every step. We thank the GIFT-Gyno clinic for making our dreams come true!!
Liz and David Johnson
Testimonial GIFT Gyno IVF